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Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage


The art of Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage is to holistically stimulate complete health and beauty.


Tsuboki is an amazing mix of feeling deeply relaxed yet energised at the same time. Switch off and be “blessed out” for the duration of the session, to come round to feeling relaxed and clear headed with;


                                   “A NATURAL FACE LIFT”


Tsuboki is a face massage with hidden depth. It works on both the physical and emotional bodies. It can improve the appearance of the face and balance the health of the whole body by gently tapping and massaging the “tsubos” (acupressure points) on the face.


When there is an imbalance of energy (ki or chi) it appears in the face, so if the energy around your body is more balanced, the face naturally becomes more radiant.


Stimulating the tsubos activates the facial nerves thus increasing the flow of ki (energy) and blood to the face – which may produce a NATURAL FACE LIFT!


                                A Truly Wonderful Experience


Tsuboki cannot be practiced on pregnant ladies due to the nature of the treatment.

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