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Toddler & Preschool Yoga

HeathA wonderful way to introduce mindfulness at a young age helping your child to connect their mind, body and spirit through sensory play and stories. Yoga is a fun way to calm active minds bringing a sense of peace into busy days.



Enhances flexibility strength and coordination.

Aids concentration.

Encourages a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Can counter the stresses of living within a ‘full on’ society.

Encourages non competitive play and exercise.

Aids mind body and soul awareness.

Encourages children to connect to their ‘inner self’.

Strengthens mind-body connections.

Can benefit children with ADHD and ASD.


Yoga is taught through story telling of popular children’s books such as The Gruffalo and Going on a bear hunt as we become the story by acting out the story through moves and sensory play.  Classes also include fun ways to learn relaxation breathing teaching your not so little ones the art of the power of the breath and breathing What we cover in Yoga:


Pranayama – The formal practice of controlled breathing which we cover at the start and end of a class. Deep controlled breathing helps children relax decreasing stress and anxiety whilst inducing relaxation.


Asanas – Physical poses bringing strength and flexibility to the body. Active poses builds strength and muscle tone, it also activates the brain and nervous system. Passive poses are used more during relaxation and meditation helping to improve body awareness and giving the children the opportunity to listen to their bodies.


Balance – Yoga teaches how to coordinate both sides of the body making the brain communicate through the corpus callosum which brings a wealth of benefits to brain development in young children including helping to put motor skills in place for reading, writing and riding a bike etc.


Prana – ‘life force energy’ energy runs within and around our bodies and is vital for life. Yoga and meditation helps to deepen a child’s connection to life force energy bringing focus, relaxation and clarity.


Stillness – allowing a child to just ‘be’ in stillness is a great way for enhance body awareness and bring calmness to the mind.


Mantra – repeating a positive ‘I am’ statement helps to not only build self belief but also helps to build positive neuropath ways in the brain.  


Classes are available on Monday’s at Cradley Heath Community Centre, Reddal Hill Road,Cradley from 10:30-11:15am and Tesco Cradley Community Space, Foxoak Street, Cradley from 12:30-1:15pm. Sessions are at a “Special Introductory Price” of £5.50, sessions are pre booked in blocks of 6 sessions.


Suitable for children aged 20 months to 4 years old.

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