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“Thank you Susie for always providing a fantastic toddler/pre school yoga class. Jack loves being able to show off the new poses he’s learnt and the breathing techniques are handy too!” Becky & Jack


“Superb time at baby yoga with my 1 year old boy , we’ve had an amazing journey and thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of it , Susie is a fantastic leader and the time and effort she puts into this group is top class. If you’re looking for a baby group I would highly recommend this - thanks for all your support” Angela


“Me and my son did baby massage and baby yoga with Susie and loved it all. The classes themselves are great but it's also so good to learn useful and relaxing techniques than you can also practice at home. We still practice the moves months later. Would recommend!”Jodie


“My little one is almost 3 now and we’ve been going to Susie’s classes since she was a few weeks old! We started with baby massage which was wonderful, moved on to baby yoga, and now go to toddler yoga! We absolutely love yoga, learning lots of moves to a children’s story, and plenty breathing exercises to practice at home. My eldest enjoyed the preschool yoga too and still loves to know what we’ve done in class so she can join in at home! Couldn’t recommend it more highly!”Vanessa


“I have loved attending baby yoga with my little boy over the last 5 months with Susie. Classes are relaxed and really friendly with yoga moves we can continue to use at home. Really believe it's helped build my boys core muscles earlier than without going. Would definitively recommend, even with the squats!”Helen


“Attended the baby massage and my little boy loves it. The massages help with his sleep and if he has trapped wind. Susie is amazing! The class is very relaxed, get to meet other moms.” Sophie


“Susie is an absolutely fantastic teacher and all round lovely person - she goes out of her way for mums and babies alike. I love baby massage, and very excited to start yoga! Could not recommend more highly.”Louise


“My son Archie and myself did baby massage first with Susie and then baby yoga until he was 1. Susie and her classes can't be recommended highly enough. Susie really tailors her sessions to little ones and has such a wonderful friendly perosnality. We always felt really welcome and relaxed and happy during classes. Archie loved every session and it really helped develop his gross motor skills. Thank you Susie for being amazing and supportive for me as a first time mummy and Archie for helping him to develop in numerous ways. We think you're the best!” Emma & Archie


“My little boy and I have spent the last few months with Susie, partaking in both massage and yoga classes. She makes you feel so welcome with her warm personality and encourages the babies’ development with well thought out exercises. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every session, and found it such a fantastic bonding tool. If you’re nervous of trying classes or shy then Susie will put you at ease. Would recommend to anyone!!” Vicki


“We’ve just finished a 5 week course of baby massage with Susie!!! What a fantastic experience for me and my little one. Susie made us feel welcomed and completely comfortable within every class no matter what mood my baby was in! All massage techniques taught are easy to remember, effective and simple to do at home. Would 100% recommend this course and Susie for future courses too. We’re looking forward to baby yoga in the new year!!” Laura



“We had such a good time at baby yoga and baby massage! Susie is a brilliant teacher!” Rebecca



“Archie and I enjoyed every moment of angelic little ones. Starting with baby massage and ending it with Rhythm Kids. Sessions are fun and interactive with the children at the centre of it all! Archie loves all of the songs and instruments but his favourite pet was always sensory at the end. So sad that our time has had to come to an end but work calls!” Laura & Archie


“I have been taking my son Noah to Susie's classes since he was 6 weeks old, today he is 6 months and it was his very last class. He has enjoyed baby yoga, baby massage, advanced yoga and rhythm kids. Susie has been a brilliant teacher, such a lovely lady. We will really miss our sessions and would highly recommend these to other mums. Thank you Susie!”Alison & Noah


“My son and I started off with a baby massage course with Susie when he was 12 weeks old. Susie was very helpful and tailored his massage to him. I carried on the massage at home and he was sleeping through the night almost immediately. We then moved on to baby yoga and my son seems to be hitting all his milestones early. I believe with her knowledge and experience Susie has helped him to achieve this. Can't recommend Susie and her classes enough.”  Michelle


“My daughter Emily (9 weeks old) and I and have just finished attending baby massage and it was a wonderful experience! Sad it's over! Susie is very friendly and made each session fun.

I would recommend baby massage as we found it very relaxing and are enjoying using the techniques at home. Thank you Susie! And looking forward to our next class together!”Sarah & Emily


“Just finished a baby massage course with Susie and Angelic Little Ones. This baby is my 3rd so I am feeling quite confident about being a mommy this time but I have still learnt so much from this course on how to comfort and enjoy some relaxing time with my little boy that I never had with the other two. It's also easy to transfer the skill of massage to older kids and they can help and use the skill on baby! I missed some sessions due to my other children being ill and Susie has arranged that I can attend other sessions to catch up. I will keep a look out for Susie's other classes to try. Thanks so much for a lovely experience. Would definitely recommend to all new moms!!”  Hollie


“Just finished a baby massage class block with Susie and I found it both enjoyable and beneficial. I've enjoyed learning about massage, and why it's so beneficial to babies, and my son enjoys the time together and the time together at home where I do the massage.

I've even tried the massage on my 6 year old when she says she has tummy ache and it worked wonders, and she also felt included.

It was a lovely atmosphere to be in, and a great way of getting out to meet other new

Mums and sharing experiences/getting any advice! Highly recommended indeed. Thanks, Susie!!”Vicki


“Myself and my little girl have loved attending baby massage with Susie , it's been a brilliant course as she has been in and out of hospital due to health issues many times in her 16 weeks and this has given us a lovely touch interaction which she once associated with only hospital treatment , and has worked wonders on Lilians constipation and colic, we look forward to our bedtime massage hour every evening and now can't wait to start mummy and baby yoga brilliant recommendation” Victoria


“My son and I have attended Baby Massage and Rhythm Kids with Susie and both have been fantastic. Susie is incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming and creates and lovely peaceful environment for massage, and a fun filled one for rhythm kids. My son had colic and silent reflux and massage helped to calm him and has been a fantastic part of our daily routine. Rhythm kids has helped his physical and social development, and at 5 months old he is already starting to show signs of becoming mobile! To top it all off I've made some wonderful friends during both courses! Thank you Susie for your wonderful work! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” Hannah


“Susie runs a fantastic class that has really helped me and Willow!!! The best thing is not only learning how to massage ur baby but that she gives a great deal of advice and support!!! I was recommended her class from a family member and glad I took up the advice to attend!!! My daughter love a massage and it's a great way to meet new moms!!! Thanks Susie for all your training advice and support lots of smiles” Amy and Willow


“Susie really helped me with my little ones sleep. Over a period of a few months he has gone from waking 5 times (sometimes more) to sleeping through 11 hours. Susie didn’t offer quick fix solutions, but gave us gentle advice on improving routines and sleep hygiene. Thank you Susie” Sarah