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Susie's Story.



I was 31 when I started trying for my eldest daughter, to be honest I had got myself all worked up before we even started, as I just desperately wanted to be a mom, as soon as the wedding was over, that was it – baby time. It became very apparent early on that I appeared to have problems.


I was put onto different hormone drugs to try and sort things out. People kept telling me to relax,  switch off and it will happen, but it wasn’t happening and the more I was told to relax the more stressed and anxious I became, then the inevitable happened, everyone around me started getting pregnant – more pressure. I had been on the pill for so many years and it appeared to have kept some medical conditions hidden.


The doctors decided that I would need to undergo investigative surgery to see exactly what was going on. This is when I started receiving reiki for stress and then the medical bombshell was dropped.


I was told that I could not conceive naturally, also my chances of IVF being successful was minimal. I had endometriosis and this had spread to the lining of my womb, but my biggest problem was a condition called Hydrosalpinx (a build-up of clear watery fluid which causes the fallopian tube to become enlarged, blocked and damaged). The watery fluid in the fallopian tubes could leak into my uterus and interferer with the egg implantation, but not only that, the fluid contains substances that are harmful to the embryo making miscarriage inevitable. The fertility consultants decided that my only option was to have the tubes cut and tied prior to IVF to increase my success rate. My world came crashing down.

I felt like I was in a very bad dream, this was not happening to me,


Reiki helped calm my emotions and I started to tell myself that at the age of 31 I was not having my tubes cut. I was definitely to young to undergo such an operation.


In the September of 2007 I marched into the  consultant’s office to tell him this, but all he could tell me was that it was my only option and it would be a miracle if I caught naturally, I sat there crying in despair unaware I was already pregnant with my first daughter.


I continued to receive Reiki during the first trimester to help with nausea and when my daughter was born by emergency c-section I asked the consultant what my tubes looked like. She told me they were perfectly normal.


Amelia and I had a very traumatic birth which ended up in an emergancy c section under a general anesthetic. Shortly after we left hospital Amelia developed colic and reflux, this is where my journey of love for Baby Massage started.


My business is built on life experience and passion to help increase a couples chance of conceiving, natural care for mother and baby during pregnancy, assisting babies with the “womb to world” transition by teaching parents the importance of positive touch through massage, teaching parents how to naturally help and support their babies through colicky and unsettled periods plus helping to calm and support kids through emotional changes; terrible two’s through to the confusing teenage years.

Susie and Amelia