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Natural Support during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but also brings, headaches, sickness/nausea, mood swings, aches/pains, feelings of uncertainty and overwhelming happiness all rolled into one.


A recent study at Hartford Hospital in America showed that women who received reiki on a regular basis during pregnancy experienced reduced:


•Stress & anxiety by 94%

•Aches & pains by 78%

•Morning sickness 80%


The study also showed that sleep quality was also improved by 86%.


Stress during pregnancy has been linked to feeding and sleeping problems after birth. Babies who receive reiki treatments before birth tend to be less fussy, more settled and less likely to develop colic. Babies tend to be more comfortable in their own skin, feed and sleep better. I received regular reiki treatments during my second pregnancy and my youngest daughter is very contented, never had any feeding problems and slept through from a very early age.


Some more of the benefits:


-Helps to balance hormones

-Calms emotions

-Relieves stress and anxiety

-Helps to reduce nausea and exhaustion

-Helps to restore health and balance for   the mother

-Very beneficial for the unborn child and aids rapid healthy growth


Not only is reiki beneficial for the mother, it is also very beneficial for the unborn baby.


The foetus is constantly changing and growing at a rapid rate, reiki has a positive effect by keeping the energy balanced whilst the foetus is developing. A baby will also feed off its mothers emotions, which can be like a roller coaster during pregnancy, reiki will help baby deal with any accompanying emotions.


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