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Natural Support for Infertility

Infertility is one of the darkest times of a woman’s life (I know, I have been there, please read my story). It is both mentally and emotionally draining, stress levels increase, puts massive pressure on your relationship, which in turn will make “making a baby” harder and then less likely to happen.


Infertility can be a physical problem i.e.: PCOS, endometriosis, poor egg quality etc. and don’t forget the boys: low sperm count or mutated sperm are big factors.  Infertility can also be “unexplained” so both man and woman are showing none of the symptoms above, yet still cannot conceive, this is where the emotions can affect your fertility.


When you decided to make the life changing decision to start a family you automatically start putting yourself under emotional pressure, especially if you are slightly older, as these days most couples leave starting a family till their 30’s, when fertility in both genders in naturally on the decline – rapidly.


Here’s how Reiki can help:


•reduces stress levels

•brings body into balance & aids the body’s own natural healing process

•helps to balance hormones which in turn may help to regulate monthly cycles

•helps conditions such as PSOC & endometriosis, which are normally caused by hormone imbalance’s •harmonises mind, body & soul preparing the body for conception

•detoxifies the body

•increase reproductive health in the both men & women (may improve egg quality and sperm quality)


Receiving reiki is just a beneficial for men as it is for woman as men rarely open up and talk about stress during trying for a baby, infertility isn’t just about the women’s reproductive health and state of mind, men are just as important. For couples that unfortunately cannot conceive and need to go through the IVF process, reiki is a great therapy to keep emotions calm, balance the body and can improve your IVF success rate.