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Indian Head Massage

Tension headaches, dry scalp, poor hair condition?

Tense neck and shoulders causing headaches?

Feeling tired, stressed, not sleeping well?


Indian Head Massage has come from the Ayurveda, an ancient method of natural therapy that has been around for thousands of years, healing mind, body and soul.


It has been practiced in India for over a thousand year and is part of everyday grooming. It was brought to the west back in the 1970’s and the massage was then extended to the neck, shoulders, arms, upper back and face.


Indian Head Massage has positive benefits on both the physical and mental, helping to relieve physical and emotional ailments including:


•Helps to relieve stress and aids deep relaxation

•Improves hair and scalp condition

•Improves circulation

•Aids better sleep

•Improves muscle tone

•Helps to sinus related disorders

•Helps with migraines and headaches

•Brings a sense of calm and peace whilst helping to balance your chakra’s

•Increases energy levels

•Helps to increase levels of concentration aiding clear thinking

•Plus much more


The massage begins with the upper back and shoulders, helping to relax muscles and move knots, one of the main areas for holding tension and stress. We then move down the arms and up to the neck for a deeper tissue massage releasing more areas of tension that can cause headaches. The massage of the scalp is extremely relaxing and promotes a healthy scalp and hair, we then move down to the face for a gentle massage to help promote better skin tone, circulation and aid sinus related problems.


For optimum health, you need a stress free body and calm mind. Indian Head Massage will soothe away your stress and tension leaving you feeling, relaxed and revitalised.

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