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Holistic Sleep Consultancy & Support

Are you struggling to get your baby into a healthy feeding and sleeping routine?

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep at night? Or in their own cot?

Do you have a toddler that refuses to sleep in their own bed?

Do you have an older school age child who struggles to switch off or have restful sleep?




Susie is here to help you help your baby or child sleep better – NO CRY IT OUT REQUIRED! Susie helps you holistically encourage your child to sleep better by creating healthy sleep hygiene and finding out the root cause of the sleep issue rather than just trying to fix the sleep problem through harsh sleep training methods.


Healthy sleep hygiene = healthy rested babies and children! Every situation is looked at individually as there is no one approach fits all! We look at the child’s individual temperament and needs plus your own parenting style to create a bespoke sleep plan that is right for you and your family and more importantly one that you are comfortable with. Our methods will NEVER involve ‘cry it out’ or leaving your baby or child left alone to cry.


Please remember though babies and children do cry, it is a way of communication and for young babies the only way they can communicate. When we are changing sleep habits there will be an element of protest, babies and children may cry during the protest but you will still be there supporting them through this transition to a better nights sleep!


Changing your child’s sleep habits is a journey and Susie is here to guide and support you through your child’s journey to a better more restful nights sleep. Our bespoke packages are designed to help resolve all sleep related issues.




Option One  £175

FREE up to 30 minute Discovery Call

Bespoke Sleep Plan                                                                       Special Offer 25% off £130      

Two up to 30 minute progression calls                                

Two week email/text support

One Holistic Therapy Session

*BONUS room energy balancing session*                    


Option Two  £240

Free up to 30 minute Discovery Call

Bespoke Sleep Plan                                                                        Special offer 25% off £180

Four up to 30 minute progression calls

Four week email/text support

One Holistic Therapy Session

*BONUS room energy balancing session*


Option Three – The Ultimate Holistic Package £315

Free up to  30 minute Discovery Call

Bespoke Sleep Plan

Four up to 30 minute progression calls                                     Special offer 25% off £236

Four week email/text support

Four Holistic Therapy sessions

*BONUS room energy balancing session*


Newborn Settling In Package  £80

Free up to 30 minute Discovery Call

Bespoke Gentle Routine Plan

Colic Support




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5 Star review - Lyndsey from Worcester

Susie did some distant healing on my five year old daughter who was having sleep problems and nightmares. We had a period of a few weeks where she refused to sleep without us or without a light on. We were all exhausted. I don’t know how she managed it but a few days after Susie sent her healing my little girl was back to sleeping all the way through without any issues. Now she wakes up once in a blue moon and we’re all happy and not walking around like zombies.


Susie is brilliant, thank you so much.


5 Star review – Sheryl from Worcester

I approach Susie to help me with my youngest as he was developing a really bad attitude and refusing to go into his room at night. He didn’t like going to sleep on his own and was always getting ill with lots of colds and tummy aches, he was also getting non responsive to any fun games or activities we were doing.

I sent a picture of Ethan to Susie, clearly showing his eyes. She got back to me saying there were some imbalances around Ethan and she used energy healing to bring everything back into balance. Now the change was almost instant! The next day he was eating better, much more attentive, motivated and happier and this has continued ever since. She really helped bring my happy little boy back and I am very grateful to her. I do feel that if I am ever in this situation again she will be the first person I will be contacting.


“Susie really helped me with my little ones sleep. Over a period of a few months he has gone from waking 5 times (sometimes more) to sleeping through 11 hours. Susie didn’t offer quick fix solutions, but gave us gentle advice on improving routines and sleep hygiene. Thank you Susie” Sarah




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