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The Calm & Soothe Colic Programme

What Is Colic?


Colic is a medical term used when babies go through bouts of inconsolable crying when otherwise appear healthy. The crying usually starts from late afternoon/early evening and can continue till late into the night. The causes of colic are still relatively unknown though there are theories into what the causes could possibly be. Colic is just as distressing for the parents/family as it is for the infant.


It is said that stress during pregnancy and/or a traumatic birth may cause feeding and digestive issues such as colic, also babies are born with an immature digestive system and it is thought this also contributes to digestive discomfort in infants. The key factor is; the more relaxed baby is, the more relaxed his/her tummy will be helping to reduce the discomfort. If your baby is crying and inconsolable mainly during the evening and bringing their legs up into their tummy’s, there’s a good chance they are suffering from a bout of colic.


How the programme can help:


This programme is designed to empower you as the parent/carer to help naturally soothe the symptoms of colic by using:


·         Massage


·         Yoga


·         Winding Positions


·         Holding Positions


·         Relaxation Techniques to help you cope with the crying


The programme also covers the physiology behind how massage and yoga helps to mature the digestive tract and help baby expel trapped wind.


The workshop for this programme runs for approximately 60-90 minutes depending on if delivered in a group or as a one to one session. We also offer this workshop in the comfort of your own home. Please contact me for details and costs.


** You can now purchase The Calm & Soothe Colic Programme  from our online shop enabling you the access and learn the programme in the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world **


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