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Chakra Balancing

The Chakra System


For thousands of years subtle energy centres known as chakras have been indentified on the human body. The word chakra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit and means “wheel”. Chakras are said to be wheel like vortices and the seven main chakras exist on the midline of the body.

It has long been known that if a chakra is out of balance, it will cause dis-ease of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature of the human body. Each chakra resonates to a different colour and said to be different notes of sound. Sound and colours also have their own vibration.

Chakras radiate and receive energy constantly. If you hold negative thoughts, worries, traumatic experiences etc, chakras become darker with dense energy.  Dirty chakras can’t push sufficient energy leaving you feeling sluggish, out of balance and can also manifest into physical and emotional illness.

This is why it is so important to keep chakras healthy and flowing clearly for optimum health, inside and out. Each chakra connects to different organs and emotions in our bodies.


The Seven Main Chakras


Base (root) Chakra

Colour: Red – located in the middle of the pubic bone at the base of your spine.

Gives feeling of security, comfort, builds up vitality and keeps us grounded. On an emotional level it gives us courage and persistence.

Un-balanced emotionally: feeling nervous and insecure or domineering and self centred. Holds thoughts and feelings on finances, careers, home, safety, needs and possessions.

Un-balanced physically: problems with hips, pelvis, legs, feet and knees, osteoarthritis, obesity, haemorrhoids, constipation, lower back pain, sciatica and mental lethargy.



Sacral Chakra

Colour: Orange – located between pubic bone and navel.

Relates to the element of water and is concerned with the fluid functions of the body.

Un-balanced emotionally: feeling threatened, lack of confidence, frustration, resentment, self love issues, aggression, addictions – food, alcohol, drugs (craving for physical pleasure).

Un-balanced physically: problems with fertility and reproductive organs, IBS, back pain, sexual problems, problems with bladder, kidneys, urine and prostrate.


Solar Plexus

Colour: Yellow – located between navel and base of rib cage.

Gives feeling of warmth, self esteem and happiness.

Un-balanced emotionally: fear, anxieties, workaholic, perfectionist, over demanding, low self esteem/image.

Un-balanced physically: stomach ulcers/indigestion, diabetes, anorexia/bulimia, arthritis, colon problems, chronic fatigue, stress/allergies and middle back pain.



Heart Chakra

Colour: Green – located at the centre of the chest.

Relates to love and harmony, sympathetic and understanding.

Un-balanced emotionally: fear caused by emotion or hurt, lack of emotional security, over sensitive, possessive, anger, jealousy, demanding, moody and controlling.

Un-balanced physically: heart conditions, lung disorders/asthma, breast disorders, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back and shoulder problems.


Throat Chakra

Colour: Light blue – located in the throat area.

Un-balanced: frustration, weak, devious, unreliable, lack of authority, can’t express feelings.

Unbalanced physically: sore throats/swollen glands, problems with mouth, thyroid dysfunction, voice problems and problems with neck.


Brow (3rd Eye) Chakra

Colour: Indigo – located in the centre of the brow.

Desires to be in harmony with the universe.

Un-balanced emotionally: Fear, confusion, judgemental, no concept of reality.

Un-balanced physically: brain disorders, strokes, blindness, seizures, panic/depression and spinal disorders.


Crown Chakra

Colour: Purple (however some say white/clear) – located at the top of the head.

Controls the strongest energy vibrations in the body and activates the other chakras and desires universal understanding.

Un-balanced emotionally: lack of purpose, loss of meaning or identity, possessive, fearful, wanting, lonely, and no trust.

Un-balanced physically: disease of the muscular system, skeletal disorders, skin conditions, chronic exhaustion, sensitivity to light, sound and environment.


How chakra balancing works:


We dowes first over the seven main chakras to check which chakras are out of balance. We do this using a dowsing crystal/pendulum. A coloured crystal, matching the same colour of the associated chakra, is placed over the chakra onto your physical body. By placing the appropriate colour (vibration) on the chakras, chakra imbalances are quickly eliminated and the chakras are then harmonised. We then use the dowsing pendulum to determine how long the crystals need to stay on the body to complete the session.

Once the chakras are harmonised and working together, we feel a sense of better health and well being.




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