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Baby Yoga

Babies are natural yogis which is why they love baby yoga!


Baby Yoga creates a balance between strength and flexibility in their bodies so they can continue to develop and grow with the flexibility they are born with. Baby Yoga also helps to support babies through their developmental milestones and for younger babies it aids relief from infant ailments such as colic, wind and constipation. Here are some benefits for baby and you:


•Promotes bonding between parent and baby.

•Yoga is great for Moms as it strengthens their bodies, calms the mind aiding relaxation.

•Reduces stress for both parent and baby.

•Helps to improve babies sleep patterns aiding longer more restful sleep.

•Increases body awareness for both Mom and baby.

•Great social interaction with lots of songs, making sessions fun as well as relaxing.

•Helps to aid babies through developmental stages which can be frustrating for them.

•Tactile stimulation has been shown to contribute to development of the brain and nervous system.


Suitable for babies aged 8 weeks (from due date if born early) through to crawling. Classes also include guided relaxation breathing, yoga inspired 'mommy moves' plus parent-baby sensory intercation play.


Classes are held at Tesco Extra, Foxoak Street, Cradley Heath on Wednesday's and Barnetts Hill Garden Centre Nr Hagley on Thursdays. All courses are for 5 week blocks unless stated otherwise,





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