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Reiki for Babies and Children

Reiki for Babies


Babies LOVE reiki. It promotes calm and relaxation. Research has shown and I have seen with my own eyes that applying reiki to a new born baby aids better sleep, helps with feeding reduces symptoms of colic, reduces fussiness and aids growth; creating happier, healthier, contented babies.

Babies and small children are extremely receptive to reiki energies because generally there is no emotional defence, like in older children or adults. Reiki can never be too strong as the energy adjusts to the child’s needs.

Importantly, reiki is a non-invasive, completely safe, has no side effects, calming and relaxing. This is why babies find it very beneficial.

Lots of babies are seem unsettled for no particular reason. Babies go through such a traumatic change coming into this world, one minute they are tucked up in mummy’s tummy and next they are out in this bright world. Reiki helps to settle this womb to world transition, helping babies settle much quicker.



Reiki for Children


Children benefit enormously from receiving reiki treatments due to its non-invasive relaxing qualities.


Some benefits:


•Promotes relaxation and aids better sleep pattern

•Calms and promotes healthy balance of emotions

•Promotes healthy mind, body and growth, helping them grow into happy, confident, balanced teenagers with a higher self esteem

•Helps release birth trauma


Reiki holds no boundaries and can be sent remotely. This means I do not need to be with the baby or child to perform a reiki treatment. I do hands on my youngest daughter as and when she needs it because the connection I feel with her is amazing and I love to see her enjoy receiving the energy, she always chatters (babbles)away with a big smile on her face, however when my older daughter needs a session, it is much easier to send the reiki remotely, allowing her body to receive the energy at a time that is right for her, normally during sleep when the body is the most relaxed.


Here's a review from a mom who we helped:


"I had a nightmare week with my newborn baby Aarya. She was incredibly unsettled although I had tried everything to soothe her. One night I even contacted the NHS helpline as she was crying from 10pm to 2am! My health visitor reassured me that Aarya was fit and well and told me about the importance and effectiveness of baby massage. This is when I contacted Susie.


Susie provided me with information on baby massage and also baby reiki. I researched further into baby reiki and found it to help with sleep problems. At first I was unsure about reiki, however decided to give it a go. I thought a few sessions can’t cause any harm and if I works I would be so happy.


Reiki sessions started. It was an amazing session to witness as I felt Aarya and Susie had some form of connection as Aarya was completely drawn towards her, something I had never seen her do. Within two to three days Aarya settled. I was amazed. My husband couldn’t believe the dramatic change in her. She was calm, relaxed and content.  Most importantly, she was now sleeping! From eleven weeks of age Aarya was sleeping in her cot in her own room without any trouble settling from 7pm to 7am with just one sleepy feed at 10pm. She would wake content and happy the next morning.


From trying reiki I wanted to try baby massage. Susie ran sessions from my home address for me and my NCT friends. Susie supplied us all with booklets, our own massage oil and played soothing music to relax the babies. Susie also provided massage mats, towels and some sensory toys to stimulate the babies during the class. Aarya found her love for silk scarves and foil! The massage techniques taught have allowed me to spend quality time with Aarya before bedtime as a part of her night time routine.


I would always recommend baby reiki and massage with Susie to all friends and family as I have benefited from the happiest and most content baby."



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