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Aura Cleansing


What is your Aura?


Aura also known as the Human Energy Field is the nonphysical (energetic) shell that surrounds the physical body.

The Human Energy Field is known to be composed of electro-magnetic energy. We call this “Universal Life Force Energy”.

Everyone’s auras are unique to themselves, all being different colours and sizes. The aura is in layers, and there is said to be & 7 layers as follows:






5)Etheric Template


7)Ketheric  (outer shell)


When we work on the aura, we work on the layers removing the blockages and repairing the wounds caused by negative thoughts, feelings, traumatic situations etc held within these layers.


Why cleansing the aura is important to your well being...


Our auras are constantly interacting with other peoples, hence why if you have been around negative people it can bring your mood down as you can pick up and then carry some of their negative energy.


Our auras also (as mentioned above) carry negative thoughts, feelings, self talk, self images, traumatic experiences, unprocessed emotions etc. Even drugs prescribed or not can taint the aura. All of this effect’s the aura by causing blockages and wounds which disrupts the flow of energy in our aura.


When our auras are harbouring unwanted energies and blockages, we may feel; depressed, anxious, out of sorts (not ourselves), tired, unbalanced and can even manifest into physical and emotional illness.


Aura cleansing can help you feel more balanced, clear headed, focused and can help your physical and mental state of well-being.

Aura cleansing