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Why do massage with your baby? Take a read ......

By angeliclittleones, Aug 14 2018 10:25AM

I know I say this often but Baby Massage really is the most wonderful gift to give to your precious little newborn. Attending Baby Massage classes with my colicky eldest newborn daughter was the BEST thing I did. Not only did it help me to learn techniques to help aid relief from her tummy issues, it gave us the most amazing one to one time where I felt I really started to connect to Amelia and allowed the space for me to get to know her better on a deeper level. I found motherhood incredibly difficult the first time round but back 10 years ago no one ever spoke about how hard it was, we all put a smile on our faces to show the world that ‘we have this’ when most days I really didn’t.

We often talk about the physical benefits of massage with your little one as they are truly amazing! It helps with:

• Easing symptoms of colic, wind constipation and teething discomfort.

• Stimulates the nervous system aiding reduction in excessive crying.

• Boosts the immune, circulatory and respiratory systems.

• Aids the 4th trimester ‘womb to world’ transition.

• Strengthen and tones muscles.

• Encourages ‘skin to skin’ contact and frequent positive touch.

• Aids better feeding and sleeping patterns.

But the emotional and mental benefits of massage with your newborn are also so important. Parent-infant massage/touch is vital for helping you baby learn about self and interaction through touch aids the development of attachment behaviour and importantly early social development. Massage helps to form the foundation of relationship building which last a lifetime.

Baby Massage isn’t just about the physical benefits, nurturing touch between parent and child also enriches emotional, mind, body and spirit connections.

Start massaging – Get connected on a level you never knew was possible – Feel the love.

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