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What is Reiki/Energy Healing?

By angeliclittleones, Mar 12 2018 10:51AM

Reiki is a wonderful ancient holistic therapy which has been around for thousands of years, yet today it is still very misunderstood, many think reiki is weird or spooky or part of a strange belief system or cult. This belief though couldn’t be further from the truth.

So what is it?

Energy healing comes in many different forms such as reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology to name a few. Energy runs through every living thing; humans, animals, plants etc. When it comes to energy healing many still find this hard to believe/understand but all of this is Quantum Physics! Just because it is invisible to most eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

A practitioner works with the bodies subtle energy systems and this brings balance to the ‘whole self’ physically, mentally and emotionally, healing across all levels.

So what are the benefits?

Babies and children respond amazingly to natural therapies like energy healing, here are some benefits across the different ages groups:


Aids relief from – colic, reflux and teething pain

Aids better feeding

Aids more restful sleep

Aids the ‘womb to world' transition

Reduces crying and fussiness

Creates calm and contentment


Aids more restful sleep

Aids relaxation

Helps to reduce temper tantrums

Helps with nightmares/terrors

Brings calm and balance

Emotionally balancing

May help to reduce separation anxiety


Helps to reduce anxiety, stress and exam stress

Helps support a nervous child going through school transition at whatever age

Balances hormones

Aids relief from sleep disturbances

May help reduces symptoms of ADHD and Autism

Boost low self-esteem and low confidence

My help to improve concentration

These really are just some of the benefits energy healing can bring to you and your family. It is amazing for adults and even your pets! I first came across energy healing after a car crash 22 years ago. After 18 months of conventional methods failing to aid relief from my whiplash injury – this stuff did!!

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