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Top Tips to help your 4-11 month old infant sleep more soundly

By angeliclittleones, Apr 11 2018 03:38PM

Infants should ideally have 9-12 hours’ sleep at night and 2 hour naps during the day. As babies become more active and the need for daytime naps increases, sometimes sleepy signs can get missed meaning baby starts to get over stimulated and over tired making it incredibly difficult to get baby down to sleep. Some feel that keeping their baby awake most of the day means their baby will sleep more a night; this though is the opposite of what happens. Sleep breeds sleep and an overtired baby is more likely to have a restless nights’ sleep. Here are some tips for getting your infant to sleep more soundly:

• Develop a healthy and consistent bedtime routine.

• Establish a ‘sleep friendly’ sleeping environment.

• Help to encourage daytime naps.

• Help to encourage your baby to fall asleep independently.

• Make the bedroom environment the same every night.

• Keeps lights a warm glow and low, keep noise levels low.

• Put your baby to bed at the same time each night.

• Follow as E.A.S.Y plan to ensure your baby is getting the correct amount of food, sleep and stimulation each day.

• Use a transitional object (small comforter/tag blanket that you sleep with for two weeks then give to you baby so if smells of you giving your little one comfort during sleep time).

If using a nightlight the light needs to be an orangey warm glow or a pink light which is less likely to affect melatonin (sleepy hormone) levels.

Angelic Little Ones now offers Sleep Coaching and advice from helping to establish a gentle routine for newborns through to helping sleep struggling pre teens. We guide and support you through your child's journey towards a better nights sleep.

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