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Three Handmade Father’s Day Gifts From Your Baby

By angeliclittleones, Jun 11 2017 02:40PM

Father’s Day is fast approaching and there is nothing more special to give than a handmade gift from your little one. Here are three great easy crafty ideas to do at home without you having to be Tony Hart!

1. I Love You This Much Baby Hands

Source photo Day In My Life

A really sweet keep sake for Daddy or Granddad, it is so easy to make, all you need is coloured card and a pen.

1) Carefully draw around both of baby’s hands and cut them out (please make sure that sharp scissors are out of reach of little fingers).

2) Cut a strip along a piece of A4 card length ways and fold into a concertina making a square for each letter to write ‘this much’ and a square each end to glue onto hands.

3) With a pen write I Love You on each of the hands (making sure it is the side facing out) and write THIS MUCH on each of the squares on the concertina card strip.

4) Glue hands to card

Nice and simple keepsake!

2. I Love You Dad

Photo sourced from

If you feeling a bit arty this is a beautiful homemade picture which could be cherished forever when framed. All you need is a good quality thicker paper, paint for baby’s feet, a fibre tip pen and a photo frame! Get practicing your fancy writing!!

3. Best Dad Hands Down

Photo sourced from Pinterest -

As Father’s Day is next weekend here is another quick simple picture idea which would look beautiful in a frame and Daddy can cherish forever! I had to share this because we have one that Daisy did for her dad on Father’s Day when she was a toddler :) it is still treasured in our home today.

All you need is decent white paper, a piece of card to match whatever colour paint you decide to use for the hand prints and a photo frame!

The value of a handprint

Your may have noticed that each of my recommendations include using baby’s handprints. This is because your baby will never be this small again, the significant difference between them now and next father’s day is hard to imagine but huge.

You could spend a fortune on an expensive gift for daddy, a smart suit or even an experience day in a race car but you have to ask yourself if any of those gifts really mean anything? Will they help the daddy in your family remember your little one when they were small? These hand print gifts are so beautifully personal that in many ways they are worth more.

One of the best ways to make the most of your precious finite time with your baby is to spend quality time together. For information on Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Rhythm Kids classes in your area send me an email on [email protected] or call me Susie on 07970 823969.

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