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Sleep tips for helping your little one sleep better from newborn to 3 months old

By angeliclittleones, Apr 3 2018 06:29PM

Newborns don’t have a body clock like us therefore we have to encourage our very little precious bundles to sleep at night and teach them the difference between night and day. Here are some tips to help you to encourage your newborn to sleep better at night:

• Observe your baby’s sleep patterns and identify signs of tiredness.

• Put baby to sleep drowsy but not fully awake.

• Put baby to sleep in the feet to foot position.

• Encourage daytime naps.

• Follow an E.A.S.Y plan to ensure your baby is getting the correct amount of food, sleep and stimulation each day.

• Swaddle (following SIDS guidelines) or alternatively you can use a swaddling jacket.

• White noise.

• Baby massage encourages relaxation, healthy sleep, eat patterns and aid relief from infant ailments such as colic and constipation.

• Observe sleep signals such as; rubbing eyes, whining/crying, staring blankly into space, yawning.

If sleep signals are misread then baby will become overtired and more difficult to settle in the day or at night.

At Angelic Little Ones we offer Baby Massage Baby Yoga and Bespoke Sleep Plans to help your little ones sleep and development from newborn and beyond.

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