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By angeliclittleones, Oct 15 2018 04:53PM

Does your little one cry inconsolably for hours most days, especially more towards the evenings? Your baby may be suffering from colic. It is said that up to 25% of newborns develop colic between the ages of two weeks up to three months and in some cases can affect babies up to six months of age.

What is colic? Some experts say colic is a myth others says it is abdominal pain caused by trapped wind, my daughter had colic so I definitely believe in it. I also felt very alone as it appeared only my baby used to cry so much, but 1 in 5 five babies develop colic that’s a lot of babies! You are not alone and there is help out there.

Massage really helped me and my daughter through the colicky period and beyond, nearly every mom who attends classes with me or books a one to one colic session will agree massage really helps to aid relief from colicky symptoms and also aids relief from constipation. Through gently massage on the abdomen up to three times a day helps to prevent the build up of wind and air bubbles sticking together meaning your baby finds it easier to pass wind hence stopping the build up causing colic. It helps to bring blood and nutrients to the area helping the muscle mature quicker and can help strengthen the nervous system aiding communication around the internal body.

Visit for more information on the help and support we provide.

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