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By angeliclittleones, Jan 25 2019 06:00PM

The forth trimester is also known as the ‘womb to world’ transition period that your baby goes through from birth to three months old. This is a time of great development and change in your newborn as they slowly adjust to the world. Babies are used to a tight space with constant touch from the confined space of the womb, it also an aquatic life they are used to so being born into the world is quite a shock for them.

There are ways in which you can support your precious bundle through these first few months of change and adjustment while they are getting used to their surroundings, here are a few:

Swaddling (safely) – if you speak to your mid-wife or health visitor they should be able to teach you how to swaddle your baby safely. Swaddle gives a baby a nice safe cocoon around them making them feel safe and secure. It also helps to reduce the startle reflex which can disturb babies as they are trying to rest which in turns wakes them up usually in an upset state.

Baby Wearing – newborn style slings and carriers are a wonderful way to help your baby feel safe and secure during the day, it is particularly helpful during colicky periods or the ‘witching hours’. Wearing your baby provides immense comfort and reassurance for them as your body regulates their own body temperature, they are surrounded by your smell and feeling of constant movement as you walk around which is soothing for them plus the sound of your heartbeat. This for them is like the womb.

Baby Massage – really is the most loveliest of ways to deepen the connection between you and your baby. Massage brings a wealth of benefits for you and your baby and it allows you both the space to get to know each better whilst supporting their physical and emotional development. Regular massage regulates bodily systems, aids better sleeping and feeding patterns plus supports digestive development aiding relief from colic, wind and constipation.

Check out our five star reviews on Baby Massage classes at Tesco Extra Cradley Heath and Barnett Hill Garden Centre nr Hagley. We also offer sessions and courses in the comfort of your own home.

We also offer a Calm and Sooth Colic Workshop and Soothe Settle Sleep Proramme.

By angeliclittleones, Oct 15 2018 04:53PM

Does your little one cry inconsolably for hours most days, especially more towards the evenings? Your baby may be suffering from colic. It is said that up to 25% of newborns develop colic between the ages of two weeks up to three months and in some cases can affect babies up to six months of age.

What is colic? Some experts say colic is a myth others says it is abdominal pain caused by trapped wind, my daughter had colic so I definitely believe in it. I also felt very alone as it appeared only my baby used to cry so much, but 1 in 5 five babies develop colic that’s a lot of babies! You are not alone and there is help out there.

Massage really helped me and my daughter through the colicky period and beyond, nearly every mom who attends classes with me or books a one to one colic session will agree massage really helps to aid relief from colicky symptoms and also aids relief from constipation. Through gently massage on the abdomen up to three times a day helps to prevent the build up of wind and air bubbles sticking together meaning your baby finds it easier to pass wind hence stopping the build up causing colic. It helps to bring blood and nutrients to the area helping the muscle mature quicker and can help strengthen the nervous system aiding communication around the internal body.

Visit for more information on the help and support we provide.

By angeliclittleones, Aug 14 2018 10:25AM

I know I say this often but Baby Massage really is the most wonderful gift to give to your precious little newborn. Attending Baby Massage classes with my colicky eldest newborn daughter was the BEST thing I did. Not only did it help me to learn techniques to help aid relief from her tummy issues, it gave us the most amazing one to one time where I felt I really started to connect to Amelia and allowed the space for me to get to know her better on a deeper level. I found motherhood incredibly difficult the first time round but back 10 years ago no one ever spoke about how hard it was, we all put a smile on our faces to show the world that ‘we have this’ when most days I really didn’t.

We often talk about the physical benefits of massage with your little one as they are truly amazing! It helps with:

• Easing symptoms of colic, wind constipation and teething discomfort.

• Stimulates the nervous system aiding reduction in excessive crying.

• Boosts the immune, circulatory and respiratory systems.

• Aids the 4th trimester ‘womb to world’ transition.

• Strengthen and tones muscles.

• Encourages ‘skin to skin’ contact and frequent positive touch.

• Aids better feeding and sleeping patterns.

But the emotional and mental benefits of massage with your newborn are also so important. Parent-infant massage/touch is vital for helping you baby learn about self and interaction through touch aids the development of attachment behaviour and importantly early social development. Massage helps to form the foundation of relationship building which last a lifetime.

Baby Massage isn’t just about the physical benefits, nurturing touch between parent and child also enriches emotional, mind, body and spirit connections.

Start massaging – Get connected on a level you never knew was possible – Feel the love.

By angeliclittleones, Apr 11 2018 03:38PM

Infants should ideally have 9-12 hours’ sleep at night and 2 hour naps during the day. As babies become more active and the need for daytime naps increases, sometimes sleepy signs can get missed meaning baby starts to get over stimulated and over tired making it incredibly difficult to get baby down to sleep. Some feel that keeping their baby awake most of the day means their baby will sleep more a night; this though is the opposite of what happens. Sleep breeds sleep and an overtired baby is more likely to have a restless nights’ sleep. Here are some tips for getting your infant to sleep more soundly:

• Develop a healthy and consistent bedtime routine.

• Establish a ‘sleep friendly’ sleeping environment.

• Help to encourage daytime naps.

• Help to encourage your baby to fall asleep independently.

• Make the bedroom environment the same every night.

• Keeps lights a warm glow and low, keep noise levels low.

• Put your baby to bed at the same time each night.

• Follow as E.A.S.Y plan to ensure your baby is getting the correct amount of food, sleep and stimulation each day.

• Use a transitional object (small comforter/tag blanket that you sleep with for two weeks then give to you baby so if smells of you giving your little one comfort during sleep time).

If using a nightlight the light needs to be an orangey warm glow or a pink light which is less likely to affect melatonin (sleepy hormone) levels.

Angelic Little Ones now offers Sleep Coaching and advice from helping to establish a gentle routine for newborns through to helping sleep struggling pre teens. We guide and support you through your child's journey towards a better nights sleep.

By angeliclittleones, Apr 3 2018 06:29PM

Newborns don’t have a body clock like us therefore we have to encourage our very little precious bundles to sleep at night and teach them the difference between night and day. Here are some tips to help you to encourage your newborn to sleep better at night:

• Observe your baby’s sleep patterns and identify signs of tiredness.

• Put baby to sleep drowsy but not fully awake.

• Put baby to sleep in the feet to foot position.

• Encourage daytime naps.

• Follow an E.A.S.Y plan to ensure your baby is getting the correct amount of food, sleep and stimulation each day.

• Swaddle (following SIDS guidelines) or alternatively you can use a swaddling jacket.

• White noise.

• Baby massage encourages relaxation, healthy sleep, eat patterns and aid relief from infant ailments such as colic and constipation.

• Observe sleep signals such as; rubbing eyes, whining/crying, staring blankly into space, yawning.

If sleep signals are misread then baby will become overtired and more difficult to settle in the day or at night.

At Angelic Little Ones we offer Baby Massage Baby Yoga and Bespoke Sleep Plans to help your little ones sleep and development from newborn and beyond.

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